Adding Details To Your Facial Expressions

Adding emotions to your art can help your audience better connect with your work. Emotions help bring out the personality of the character you’re creating, and focusing on facial expressions can help you tell a story. Including these details will help give your character an attitude and personality of their own. With the 43 muscles that are in the face, there are thousands of different facial expressions you can convey. Let’s look at some of the features that are important to accentuate when you’re creating an emotion.

Focus on The Size and Shape of The Pupils

Often, the size of our pupils is affected by our emotions. Changing the size of the pupils in your Learn How to Draw Emotionsdrawings can help you express different feelings. When your pupils are enlarged, it often communicates that you’re excited or engaged. This would be an important detail to add to a character that may be in love or very happy.

On the other hand, smaller pupils are often related to negative emotions. If you have a character who may be holding back anger or is experiencing pain, then using smaller pupils can help appropriately express this emotion.

Shape the Eyebrows

Eyebrows can express a wide range of emotions, including anger, sadness, shock, and fear. If only one eyebrow is raised, then it can easily be interpreted as uncertainty. Eyebrows that are lowered and meet in the middle often represent feelings of anger or annoyance. Whereas eyebrows that are raised can often express feelings of excitement or surprise.

Express Emotion with the Mouth

Focusing on the shape of the mouth of your character is an easy way to communicate emotions. It’s essential to match the mouth to the shape of your eyebrows and pupils to help express the emotion accurately. For example, if you were to draw someone smiling, you should have the pupils enlarged and eyebrows raised.

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