Apple Pencil Makes Drawing More Accessible

Last year, the Apple Pencil hit the market as a new accessory for the company’s new iPad Pro. As it made its rounds through the market, it happened to be tested out by the animation wizards at Pixar, who saw value in using it to efficiently map out storyboards. Many of these professional animators praised the pen, including art director Don Shank. He told Cartoon Brew that he thought that the Apple Pencil did an amazing job in line variance, allowing him to draw thick, bold lines and extremely soft, thin lines. The pressure sensitivity felt pretty natural to Shank, and for a digital way of drawing, the Apple Pencil did its job in creating faster and more efficient workflow, while feeling a lot like the old, comfortable way of doing things.

Now a year later, the Apple Pencil is now widely available for use by any man, woman or child. Professionals and beginners alike are using this technology to render art for everything from custom graphics for Fortune 500 companies to tracing hands to make festive cartoon turkeys for Thanksgiving.

The Apple Pencil allows you to draw quickly on an iPad, while putting your work out into the world immediately after. While drawing freehand is one of humankind’s earliest traditions, all of your hard work exists in one place. With a digital illustration, your beautiful artwork can exist anywhere you want it to. This ease of use also offers iPad Pro and Apple Pencil owners a new opportunity to explore drawing and digital art like never before. Whether a person is a practiced artist or just starting to try their hand at art, this new technology opens the door so that anyone can create art – and more art in the world is a wonderful thing.

At Caricature Art, Mark Hall uses an iPad to create digital artwork as well, translating his skill with caricature to a digital format. Digital files offer a range of benefits – ease of color change, more vivid and unnatural palette selection and portability to send to all your friends and family anywhere they are around the world.

Caricature is a fun and exciting addition to any event, from weddings and corporate events to birthdays, anniversaries and bar mitzvahs. Let Hall help entertain your guests and provide one-of-a-kind artwork in the process. To learn more, call Caricature Art today at 720-312-1220 or email