Book Caricature for Your Community Fair or Block Party

The summer is a great time for outdoor events, whether it’s a company picnic, a neighborhood block party or a child’s birthday. Brighten up your next event with a caricature artist who can draw your guests in fun and creative ways.

Based in Denver, caricaturist Mark Hall is an accomplished character artist that can enhance any event. A caricature artist instantly creates a fun atmosphere for any event, giving guests a creative and unique activity to participate. Caricatures are a fun way to give guests a lasting gift that they will treasure and show to their friends.

Here are a few fun types of events where Mark can add to your guests’ experience.


Hall draws unique interpretations of the happy couple or them and their family as great ways to capture the day for family and friends. He can even create a large poster caricature that guests of the bride and groom can sign as a permanent keepsake from the day.

Trade Shows

Along with traditional drawings on paper, Hall can draw people digitally. While guests wait for their picture to be drawn, those in attendance can discuss their products or services and bond get not only a unique piece or art, but perhaps a new business opportunity.

Company Parties

Everyone enjoys a good laugh with coworkers, especially in stressful workplace environments. Hiring Hall for your company’s summer retreat or picnic can give your employees a fun souvenir of the day and help them have fun and relax with their fellow workers.

Community EventPublic Events

Adding a caricaturist to a community event like a local fair or block party can also drive excitement and fun. When you gather with friends and neighbors for a group barbecue or carnival games, a caricaturist can provide a wonderful option to capture distinct scenes of you and your fellow residents in a distinctly different and comical light!

Caricatures can be done quickly, either while a person is sitting or standing. They’re a great way to engage with guests, providing them with a memorable experience and a unique look at themselves and those around them. Hall’s caricatures always have an eye toward fun and drawing customers in flattering ways that will make them want to show off these customized pieces to their friends and loved ones.

If you’re planning an event coming up, think about hiring Hall and Caricature Art for your occasion. To learn more about hiring a caricaturist for your summer celebration, call 720-312-1220 today!