Capture Your Costume with Caricature

What will you be this Halloween? Will you choose a costume classic like a witch, pirate or ghost? How about a punny costume like a deviled egg or a cereal killer? Maybe you’ll go topical with a politically themed costume of Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton – or current American sensation Ken Bone?

Choosing a costume can be the best part of this spooky October holiday, which is why you should memorialize it with a fun and unique art form perfectly fitting for Halloween – caricature art.

Halloween CaricatureAlthough the history of dressing up for Halloween is somewhat a mystery, we do know that many used to wear costumes on All Hallows’ Eve to sing, dance and make a little mischief – something that some may argue hasn’t really changed much throughout the centuries.

This popular Halloween tradition continues to be a central part of parties for children and adults alike. And, much like caricatures are an exaggerated or decorative form of yourself, your Halloween costume can also say a lot about your personality. So, why not combine the two art forms to make one memorable memento?

Mark Hall Caricature Art can create a magical keepsake from a photo of you in your favorite Halloween costume, or even hired as entertainment for your Halloween party! With years of experience under his belt, Hall will have no difficulty interacting with your guests and providing them each with a creative caricature featuring fun, colorful exaggerations. His charismatic personality and one-of-a-kind artistic ability will be the highlight of your Halloween party! Don’t be surprised to see your guests line up in excitement for their turn to be captured on paper or digitally with iPad drawings.

Check out the gallery to see just a few samples of Hall’s work. To learn more about photo caricature or to inquire about booking Hall’s caricature services for your Halloween event, call Caricature Art today at 720-312-1220.