Caricature is a Cure for the Selfie

In this editorial in the Contra Costa Times, Angela Hill writes, “Caricatures should replace the ubiquitous selfies in today’s society. They’re far more creative and personal.” What a statement! It’s almost like a creative call to arms against the all-consuming Selfie Empire, a declaration of war by soul-stirring, truth-seeking artists. Well, maybe it’s not that dramatic, but it comes close.

We have certainly entered an age of self-obsession, where everyone, it seems, from celebrities in L.A. to teens languishing in Midwest anonymity, are so wrapped up in themselves that they never take the time to unwrap themselves and see their inner workings with outside eyes. That is the aim of every caricaturist, to depict someone’s inner workings in a humorously enlightening way so the subject may have a better understanding of him- or herself.

That’s the aim of Hill’s article, to demonstrate the search for self in an age of selfies. She writes of her journey on Fisherman’s Wharf to have numerous caricaturists deftly draw her. Hill’s journey seems almost like a surreal pilgrimage, a search for the Holy Grail of the self.

She writes, “I am glamorous in all my exaggerated charcoal glory, looking a little like Cheryl Tiegs, but with a formidable Kirk Douglas chin, my massive disembodied cranium floating over a sense of the Golden Gate Bridge. There’s a huge smile on my face, hinting at benevolence – or a sinister plot to ravage the city, a la most summer blockbusters.”

What a beautiful description of the caricature experience – sitting down and having your inner workings exposed. What will I look like? How does the world see me? Do I seem disembodied? Does ambition glow on my face? These are just some of the questions you might ask yourself when getting your caricature done. It is a therapy session with one’s self. This therapy session is not a grueling one, but a fun one. Angela Hill had fun!

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