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Da Vinci and Caricature

Did you know that caricatures date back to the days of Leonardo Da Vinci? That’s right – the same man who created the iconic “Mona Lisa” was also a caricature artist. And he wasn’t the only famous and renowned artist who was known for his work with caricatures either. Monet, Honoré Daumier and Dick Van… Read more »

Caricature Is a Secure Base from Which to Achieve Your Resolutions

Today is New Year’s Eve and at Mark Hall Caricature Art Inc., we couldn’t be more excited. We call this the season of caricature and with good reason: This is the time of year when we think about change, bringing out the best in us, and showing the world a thing or two. When thinking… Read more »

Where Did Caricature Start?

Happy Cattle Hauling.

Today we use caricature for parties, events, as political and social criticism, and to memorialize the famous or infamous. When we think of “caricature,” the first association most of us make are to political cartoons in the New Yorker or else to larger-than-life portraits of celebrities – Lady Gaga with shoulders the size of her… Read more »

Our Gallery of Caricatures

A successful artist in any genre should be able to show off an extensive portfolio of previous works that profile their deft handiwork and creative eye. Practice makes perfect, and any artist who works to bring forth an image on a canvas must have years of work under their belt before they can ply their… Read more »

Caricature is Always an Art

Whether from the mouth or mind of a famous author like George Orwell, or the hand of a cartoonist in a Newspaper, Caricature is always an art, and a hard one to do well at that. And that is both from a literal standpoint, as well as looking at art from a figurative standpoint. It… Read more »

The Caricaturist versus the Smartphone

Most of us are very familiar with the early slogan of the smartphone age, that for just about any conceivable problem or want, “There’s an app for that.” Now, the smartphone world can even claim that there’s an app for caricature with a fun new photography program that creates cartoon images of users.   Available… Read more »