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Presidents, Politics and Caricature

For centuries, caricature art has become one of the biggest and flashiest ways of satirizing presidents, dictators and politics in general, and it will probably remain that way until the end of time. It’s because this form of editorial commentary doesn’t only skewer politics and politicians, but it does so in a creative and colorful… Read more »

Four Fun Ways a Caricaturist Can Add to Your Company Picnic

Do you plan on taking advantage of the gorgeous summer weather to throw a company picnic? Whether a new idea or an annual event, company picnics allow employees and employers to grab their families and mingle in a fun, relaxed way. This year, make your company picnic even more exciting and light-hearted by inviting a… Read more »

Dress Up Your Invitations with Custom Caricature Art!

Have a big get-together, wedding or other special event coming up and need to make invitations? Why not add some creativity to your invites and adorn them with caricature art from Mark Hall Caricature Art? There are all kinds of fun designs and themes that he can add to make your upcoming party invitations a… Read more »

Incorporate a Caricaturist at Your Next Theme Party

When is a party more than a party? When you get a theme involved! Theme parties remain incredibly popular, whether it is superheroes, baseball or a dip back into the 1980s. Theme parties serve as an invitation for guests to come out of their shell and dive into the theme for one night. A fun… Read more »

Book Caricature for Your Community Fair or Block Party

The summer is a great time for outdoor events, whether it’s a company picnic, a neighborhood block party or a child’s birthday. Brighten up your next event with a caricature artist who can draw your guests in fun and creative ways. Based in Denver, caricaturist Mark Hall is an accomplished character artist that can enhance… Read more »

Hiring a Caricature Artist for Your Wedding

Wedding poster.

So, you’ve picked your wedding date, your guest list is totaled, and you have a venue ready to go. Now it’s time to think about entertainment at your reception on the big day. Lots of couples these days are having photo booths at their receptions, to give guests something fun to do. Then, when everyone… Read more »

Caricature Gives Us a Glimpse at the Truth inside the Mirror

Cartoon Art

For the last few posts, I have discussed the importance of caricature having a presence in your life during the holiday season. One of the major reasons that caricature is necessary this time of the year is that it makes us a little less stressful. Less stress, even if it is just a little bit,… Read more »

Themed Caricature Party Ideas


No matter what type of party or event you’re planning, have a fun and experienced caricature artist there can really take the entire evening to the next level. People loving have caricatures drawn of them, and while simple caricature portraits are always fun, that’s not where things end. In addition to standard portraits, you could… Read more »

Why Caricatures Are Great for the Holiday Season

Art Relieves Stress

The fall foliage is here and it will soon be replaced by snow depending on where you live in the country of course. Clearly, we have entered the holiday season, so get ready. Now for many in the country, this is an exciting time. For starters, you get the chance to hang with friends and… Read more »

Using Caricature in Healthcare Facilities

In previous blog posts, we have discussed the therapeutic qualities of art and caricature in general. Seeing a caricature portrait of either yourself or someone you know can do wonders for your self-esteem. If you let your eyes dive a little deeper in that lake of art, you can lift up your soul to heights… Read more »