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Make Your Booth the Place to Be at Your Next Trade Show

Caricature art is a great way to capture the memory of a certain time in your life. Whether you are walking along the boardwalk with your significant other or visiting a new city, having a caricature done is always a unique and fun activity. It is often thought of something that is only offered in… Read more »

Apple Pencil Makes Drawing More Accessible

Corporate Caricatures

Last year, the Apple Pencil hit the market as a new accessory for the company’s new iPad Pro. As it made its rounds through the market, it happened to be tested out by the animation wizards at Pixar, who saw value in using it to efficiently map out storyboards. Many of these professional animators praised… Read more »

Capture Fall with Caricature

When we want to commemorate a party or occasion, we most often do so with a photo. However, if you’re looking to give your guests something special to remember your event, a caricature from Mark Hall might be the answer. Hall offers his artistic services to all kinds of parties and events, including company parties,… Read more »

The Influence of Art on American Society

Art is an amazing thing. In all of its mediums, artistic expression has always been one of the most important fixtures that we have in our everyday lives. Art not only gives us beautiful images, but it has a way of imprinting itself in our brains while also influencing the way we live and how… Read more »

Study Says Making Art Is Good for Your Brain

If you are a fan of caricature art, then you may also be a genius! That’s right. Whether you like to create caricature art yourself or you just love to watch or be captured in these fun drawings, you may be smarter than the average bear. Why? Because a recent study shows that art of… Read more »

Incorporate a Caricaturist at Your Next Theme Party

When is a party more than a party? When you get a theme involved! Theme parties remain incredibly popular, whether it is superheroes, baseball or a dip back into the 1980s. Theme parties serve as an invitation for guests to come out of their shell and dive into the theme for one night. A fun… Read more »

Caricature Is a Secure Base from Which to Achieve Your Resolutions

Today is New Year’s Eve and at Mark Hall Caricature Art Inc., we couldn’t be more excited. We call this the season of caricature and with good reason: This is the time of year when we think about change, bringing out the best in us, and showing the world a thing or two. When thinking… Read more »

The Compliment in Caricature

Many people have often come to think of caricature as either a fun joke that you can get done at Disneyland or some comic insulting a politician. And that’s even if someone didn’t have a bad experience with a caricature artist exaggerating something that was sensitive to that person, which does happen on occasion. It… Read more »

What’s in a Word? Breaking Down the Word, “Caricature”

In this blog, we’ve covered a lot of topics, things like political unrest, art therapy and the ecstatic philosophy behind caricature. For this post, I want to change gears for a bit and focus on something very specific – that is, the title of a news article. Yes, a headline. You see, at Mark Hall… Read more »

Caricature is a Cure for the Selfie

In this editorial in the Contra Costa Times, Angela Hill writes, “Caricatures should replace the ubiquitous selfies in today’s society. They’re far more creative and personal.” What a statement! It’s almost like a creative call to arms against the all-consuming Selfie Empire, a declaration of war by soul-stirring, truth-seeking artists. Well, maybe it’s not that… Read more »