Commonly Asked Questions About Digital Caricatures

Digital CaricaturesMark Hall travels to trade shows where he’s asked to create digital caricatures of people attending those shows. Having a caricature artist like Mark Hall at your trade show booth is a great way to attract people’s attention and get them talking with you.

While you’re talking to booth visitors about your services or products, Mark offers them a complimentary caricature drawing that takes a couple minutes to complete.

Trade show/promotional event digital caricatures are drawn full color on an iPad. Each one takes about 6 minutes to complete. Then 4×6 inch print outs are available on location as well. Meanwhile, subjects watch their caricature being drawn on a 23-inch monitor– how modern! They’ll receive their drawing in a plastic sleeve along with a lanyard to wear and company branding is an option.

What are some questions people ask about digital caricatures at trade shows?

• They want to know if one artist and his or her helpers work multiple booths at a show. The answer is no because that dilutes the client’s marketing efforts. It’s better to keep it unique and exclusive!

• Will the artist fit into a 10’ by 10’ booth space? Definitely. As for what the artist “needs” there, it’s usually two chairs and a nearby outlet to plug stuff into…

• What about people being drawn? Do they have to hold still the entire time? No.

• What do people get after they’re drawn? They get a printed caricature. Their picture can also be uploaded to a server/website so it can be shared online.

• Can a logo or tagline be printed on the print-out? Sure! Also, a website address and/or contact information can be included.

Mark Hall has been drawing caricatures since the age of six and today he has some gray hair– so he has many years of experience doing what he loves to do, and he does it well. Having studied at the Colorado Institute of Art, Mark has kept busy over the years doing many trade shows in the Denver area and beyond. If you’d like to book Mark Hall Caricature Art for your upcoming trade show booth, please call 720-312-1220.