Da Vinci and Caricature

Did you know that caricatures date back to the days of Leonardo Da Vinci? That’s right – the same man who created the iconic “Mona Lisa” was also a caricature artist. And he wasn’t the only famous and renowned artist who was known for his work with caricatures either. Monet, Honoré Daumier and Dick Van Dyke are among the other famous figures who have also been known to create the exaggerated artwork.

In fact, the term caricature is of Italian origin and means the act of loading, or in the case of a caricature, a “loaded portrait.” According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, caricature means “exaggeration by means of often ludicrous distortion of parts or characteristics.” A definition doesn’t get more accurate than that!

Da Vinci and CaricatureIt is said that Da Vinci actually sought out people with deformities to use as models. This provided a more striking impression than a “regular” portrait. Similar to caricatures of today, these often silly and sometimes hideous portraits were generally used for amusement among friends in aristocratic circles in France and Italy.

When looking through different caricatures, it’s obvious that while some artists go to the extremes in distorting and exaggerating their subject, while others like Mark Hall and Caricature Art Inc. lend their talents to more positive and uplifting portraits with a hint of comedy.

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