Give a Unique Christmas Gift With Caricature

Caricature ArtThe holiday season is upon us, and you know what that means – holiday gifts! This season, give a gift that’s sure to impress: a caricature!

But why should you give a caricature? Photographs define moments in peoples’ relationships. Choose your favorite photograph and send it to Mark Hall at Caricature Art and let him create a unique drawing with a creative and personalized look that your loved one will cherish. Regardless of where the photo is from, Hall will be able to draw your friend, family member or loved one in a funny, quirky manner.

A caricature from photographs the perfect gift for anyone you’re shopping for this holiday season. A personalized caricature is great for significant others, friends, family and even your boss! All you need to do is send your photos to Hall and specific what you would like in the image. That’s it!

Hall will work with you to ensure that your gift meets your standards, and Caricature Art offers hard-copy and digital drawing options to make sure you get your custom caricature in time for your gift exchange. Perfect for anyone in search of a unique gift, a caricature by photo is the best way to surprise your loved one.

With caricature, you can take an ordinary image and transport the person into a scene of them participating in their favorite hobby or sport, or surrounded by loved ones during a special event (such as a wedding or a family function). Include as much information as you can with your submission and Hall will work to create a special, cohesive image that incorporates your recipient’s passions and interests. Please include three to four photos of the person in question to provide different angles and looks, and the more detail about their personality and their hobbies, the better!

Hall aims to capture a person’s spirit in his drawings. If the person you are trying to depict loves to smile or is always taking duck-face selfies, tell him! At the end of the day, it’s your gift and the more information you can provide, the better Hall can translate your image into a wonderful and unique caricature.

With an extensive background as a professional artist, Hall can transition your ordinary photo into a piece of one-of-a-kind art that is both visually stunning and humorous. The turnaround time is relatively quick, too, so there’s still plenty of time to order a caricature from photo for anyone on your shopping list this holiday season.

Lean more about ordering a personalized caricature from photos by calling Caricature Art today at 720-312-1220.