How Art Therapy Helps Veterans with PTSD

Often, veterans coming home from their deployment or service time in the military struggle with getting back to their normal lives, whether they have families or not. The toll that being deployed and battling through war and service is extremely difficult on the mental health of veterans. PTSD has become a very delicate thing, and art has been at the center for therapeutic recovery.

veteran dealing with PTSD carrying daughterReason Behind Art Therapy

Art therapy for veterans creates a way of communicating struggles and emotions without actually speaking. We’ve always heard people say, “grandpa served in World War II, but he never likes to talk about it.” Back then, there was no way of expressing your thoughts and emotions on the experience or situation, or at least the attitude back then was to shake it off.

Now, there is a large community around the country trying to help veterans dealing with PTSD overcome it through art and expression. In many places around the country, veterans have curated their own art show displaying photographs taken by veterans expressing their thoughts and emotions. Many of these veterans have different stories to share, and they believe that the camera has been their escape from nightmares, struggles, depression, and PTSD.

War Takes a Toll on Mental Health

About 2.6 million Americans in the military were deployed from 2001-2011. 10-18% of those veterans returned home with PTSD. Art therapy is ranked one of the most helpful techniques to help treat veterans dealing with depression and nightmares they be having.

Art is a form of expression and escape from the real world. The good thing about art is there is no ceiling or limits. Whether you’re a painter, sculptor, photographer, or a caricature artist, you’re giving yourself therapeutic techniques to deal with a struggle.

How Caricature Art Can Help

Caricature art is a unique form of cartoon drawing. Caricature art is meant to bring joy and laughs to people all around the world. Mark Hall is a caricature artist in Denver, Colorado who specializes in bringing his drawings to weddings, events and parties, trade shows, and on-location places. There’s nothing more important to him than making people smile.

Caricature art can help veterans significantly because it’s all about a “silly goose time.” Laughter around friends and family from the exaggerated caricature cartoons can help heal mental wounds for veterans.

Mark Hall Caricature Art

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