How Caricature Art Has Helped Catch Criminals

Throughout history, law enforcement has used sketching to help identify and catch criminals with only a description. Some historical records show that caricature art has helped to identify criminals more accurately. The question is why though?

caricature art officeCaricature Art is an Exaggeration

Caricature art is what it is. It’s a cartoon that an artist creates to depict a specific person they’re looking at. In many instances, the art piece itself depicts the person better than their actual face. The thing about caricatures is that they exaggerate physical features of a person’s facial features. If a person has a longer neck, the neck in the art will be focused on much more. Therefore, caricature art is very entertaining.

In 1876, New York’s Boss Tweed was arrested with the help of a caricature drawn by Thomas Nast. Many facial recognition systems today depict the description of the suspect generically, which may not always help, but the true purpose is to eliminate other suspects.

How Can Caricature Art Help in Today’s World?

Many descriptions of criminals have to do with shapes and traits. Caricature artists aren’t concerned with wrinkles or fine details, rather they’re drawing based on a person’s shapes. Caricature artists can identify and depict a person’s most significant features, which can ultimately help in catching criminals. Computers have a difficult time depicting the exaggerated features of a human being.

Stephen Silver, a caricature artist states, “If they used caricatures for police composites today, the cops would catch the guy.”

Mark Hall Caricature Art

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