How Digital Caricatures Can Help You Standing Out At Your Next Trade Show

Caricaturist at a Trade Show If you’re going to have a booth at a trade show then how can you attract more people to your booth? How about hiring Mark Hall to draw caricatures of people?

Attention Grabber

It used to be that caricatures were solely done on paper and given to a person after they’ve sat for their drawing… but nowadays caricatures have gone high-tech! Imagine having a slide show of people’s caricatures attracting attention at your trade show booth. Furthermore, with someone almost always sitting down to be drawn by Mark Hall, the caricature artist, more and more people are sure to gather around to watch what happens. People are always fascinated by someone creating art “right on the spot,” live and in front of them.

Lasting Impression

While many booths at trade shows give away promotional items, like pens, stress balls, rulers and frisbees, imagine how your company could make a more lasting impression by hiring a caricature artist. The people would say, “I got my picture drawn at so-and-so’s booth! And it was free!” Word of mouth advertising can really help get people talking about your company.


Furthermore, when people sit down to be drawn at your booth it’s the opportune time to introduce yourself and have a chat about what you offer. After all, they’re not going anywhere for a couple minutes. So they’re usually quite open to talking with whomever is nearby.


Now about those digital caricatures– the work of the artist can be put on a big screen and shown during the entire trade show– it can be a slideshow of past drawings or, if you prefer, a “live drawing,” so even more people can see what’s going on at YOUR booth. Meanwhile, digital caricatures can be printed and given to attendees, complete with your company’s logo on each one. Imagine people walking around the trade show carrying their prized pictures, sporting your logo for all to see. And that’s not all– these caricatures are ultimately shareable on social media, including Facebook and Instagram.

Want to build rapport with potential customers at trade shows and give them something memorable to take home? Hire Mark Hall, the caricature artist who will surely help bring people to your booth. Please call 720-312-1220 for more information.