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Graduation is an amazing time in every young person’s life. The big day not only shows how far they’ve come and how their years of hard work have paid off, but it also marks the day that they move on to bigger and better things. Graduation day is a celebration of a job well done and a toast to a new beginning. For a senior portrait unlike any other, we will create a fun graduation caricature from a photo of your son or daughter and send it just in time for them to walk across the stage. You won’t be able to find a more unique and one-of-a-kind gift.

Graduation photos often struggle to represent the true person in the frame, and that is where caricature art excels. There is no such thing as a bad angle, bad lighting, or a boring background in a caricature. Denver, CO artist Mark Hall will make a creation that reflects the graduate undeniably, both inside and out. You decide you background, style, clothing and expression in your picture. Your caricature will capture what you look like today, and more importantly, it can also show who you plan to be as you move forward.

Allow us to create a graduation caricature from your photo to commemorate this accomplishment, or give a fantastic gift to a grad by sending in a picture and information. Call 720-312-1220 today to order.

We offer a variety of Caricature Art themes. Browse below and choose your theme. Don’t see a theme that you like or match your idea, click here to contact us and request a free quote!