Colorado Global Business conference 2018

Caricature Artist Here we see happy recipients of their caricatures drawn by Mark Hall. The Colorado Global Business Conference, where this picture was taken, is the typical kind of trade show event where you can find Mark Hall Caricature Art in action. Participants sit for just a few minutes while Hall draws them using his digital pad, and then a print out is given to them so they can have a nice memento of their visit to a particular trade show booth.

Lots of companies like having caricature art at their trade show booths because it helps “bring people in.” While they’re sitting there, salespeople have a couple minutes to pitch the goods or services they’re selling… it’s really an ideal way to chat with a person whereas they feel they’re getting something cool, unique and of value– a picture of themselves– in exchange for engaging in a quick conversation with a company rep.

The Colorado Global Business Conference is put on by the GMDC– the Global Market Development Center. For nearly 50 years, GMDC has been “the premier global trade association for the retail industry.” Basically, it’s a chance for retailers to be empowered and innovate as they meet with one another, share ideas, learn about new concepts, etc. At these trade shows, partnerships are made that end up proving fruitful. The mission of GMDC is to connect people and companies to opportunities for growth.

Face it– sometimes business conferences and meetings can get a little… “dry.” You need something to lighten the mood, to put a smile on people’s faces, etc. That’s why businesses, organizations, and companies often hire people like Mark Hall to help “bring the fun” to their meetings and events. Just like people enjoy hearing comedians tell jokes and singers sing songs, caricature art is attractive because it’s “art come to life,” and, best of all, it’s art about a person– this isn’t some surreal, odd piece of work. No– caricature art is deeply personal, understandable, relatable and oftentimes fun– people LOVE being drawn in a unique way!

Do you have a trade show or business meeting coming up? Hire Mark Hall Caricature Art to make it a memorable one!