The Secrets of Caricature Artists

Caricature ArtistsCaricature artists generally have a good understanding of human anatomy. In order to illustrate someone, a caricature artist has to think about shapes of various muscles and how they look from different angles. Furthermore, how do muscles relate to each other? How do they act in different poses and actions?

Observational Skills

You shouldn’t be surprised to learn that caricature artists would likely show up at one of those art classes where there would be nude models to draw or paint… “life-drawing” classes really help a caricature artist sharpen their observational skills.

A Puzzle of Shapes

If you were to ask a caricature artist how they “think,” they might say “in shapes.” That’s because drawing people very much comes down to recognizing the various shapes in their faces and bodies. As such, an artist might see you in terms of rectangles, circles, ovals, etc. When drawing you, they start with the shapes and then “build it up” from there to create the final product. It’s kind of like putting a puzzle together on paper.

A Little Hyperbole

With caricatures, proportions get exaggerated for effect. Therefore, expect an artist to pick a certain feature of yours and make it bigger– could be the eyes, the neck, the head, hands or whatever. Exaggerating the size of something can be comical in some cases.

When people look at art regarding people, they notice the faces the most, followed by… the hands. Did you know hands can be difficult to draw? Getting hand gestures right can take some work on the behalf of an artist.

Strong Practice Habits

Do caricature artists “practice?” Definitely. Just like musicians practice their instruments and singers practice their songs, caricature artists like to boost their skill sets and tackle new and harder challenges. They may take a sketchbook with them wherever they go and draw people in random places just for their own practice.

The Details Make the Art

Finally, caricature artists care a lot about details. When drawing someone, they think about their pose and position. They care about the facial expression, hand gestures, stance and body language– all of which help tell a story.

Mark Hall is a caricature artist who creates drawings bringing out the best version of an individual. He can highlight hairstyles, accentuate smiles, and show off the “twinkle” in someone’s eyes through his artistic work. Want Mark Hall to draw you or people you know? Call 720-312-1220 to book him.