Tips for Making Your Sketches Look Livelier

Making your artwork look detailed and lively can be challenging. As an artist, you want your work to stand out from others and allowing people to connect with it. Whether you’re drawing people or landscapes, there are a few helpful tips to keep in mind that will allow you to create more lively artwork!How to Make your Sketches Look Livelier

Add Expressive Facial Expressions

When you are drawing people, focusing on their facial expressions will help the character featured look livelier. Before you start drawing more complicated facial features such as love and curiosity, you should first feel confident creating simpler expressions like happy and sad. If you need more practice creating emotions, you can look at pictures of people’s emotions and then recreate them on paper. Adding facial expressions to your drawings helps the viewer emotionally connect with your artwork.

Use Special Effects to Add Detail

When creating your drawing, it’s essential to focus on the details that help amplify the effect the picture has on the viewer. You can add personalized clothing like a work uniform or jersey to help customize the character. You can also incorporate details into your background. Is your character outside? If so, add the weather conditions, or other details that express that your character is in a specific location!

You can also include lines of motions to help express your character’s body language. You can use lines of motion near the body to express movements like dancing and running, or you can use it to show movement in an object like when you throw a baseball. Without the use of motion lines, your character would float on the paper.

Pay Close Attention to Your Technique

You can add texture to your image by adding lines and color shades throughout your drawing. Try experimenting with different lines and strokes in areas where you may need to add more texture like hair or clothing. You can also add different color values to your image to make it look more realistic. Experiment with shading and using contrast colors to make your image stand out!

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