Using Caricature in Healthcare Facilities

In previous blog posts, we have discussed the therapeutic qualities of art and caricature in general. Seeing a caricature portrait of either yourself or someone you know can do wonders for your self-esteem. If you let your eyes dive a little deeper in that lake of art, you can lift up your soul to heights previously thought unreachable – and isn’t that what it means to be human? Of course, it is. As a caricaturist, I pride myself on this. Art, when it connects with someone, simultaneously takes someone away from reality but also brings him or her closer to the truth. That is why art, including caricature, is so popular with hospitals and healthcare facilities, according to this article in

Jackie Hamilton writes, “Walk into many hospitals and health care facilities and you’re likely to see the bare and sterile hallways of the past now filled with artwork, most often of nature scenes. Whether you are an inpatient, outpatient or visitor, there’s a good chance that you may hear or see live or recorded music and even have an opportunity to participate in other creative art therapies. These artistic features can be lovely to look at or provide some entertainment for those in the medical facilities. But these features are about more than just aesthetics. There continues to be a growing understanding of the science behind the connection between art and healing.”

Happy CoupleHamilton beautifully sums up the true meaning of art; that it’s all about the connection between art and healing. This makes it the perfect tool for hospitals to use. Sometimes medicine can only take you so far. To get over that hump, medical professionals are relying more and more on the arts to break through that wall by using a therapeutic approach to creativity. The research backs it up, as art has been proven to reduce stress, lessen anxiety, lower blood pressure, increase confidence, and more. Caricature, in particular, can have dramatic effects. Grounded in a keen sense of humor, caricature is naturally positive and can transform a facility’s atmosphere in no time.

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