Value of Art Around the Home or Office

Take a look around your living room or your office. Are there any pieces of art hanging on the walls? Whether you’re looking at framed photos of loved ones, or a generic floral design that you picked up at the discount store last week, you’ve probably got art in one form or another around you.

Why do we feel the need to surround ourselves with things we think are nice to look at? Monte Nagler Fine Art says that since we don’t technically need art to survive, its presence in our day-to-day life brings us joy. Surrounding ourselves with art creates an environment that we feel comfortable and satisfied in.

Fresh Home suggests that wall art can also be an important part of expressing your own personal sense of style in your home or office. Hanging certain things on the wall contributes to our overall personality and aesthetic. When you’re updating the design of your home, you simply can’t skip art. Whether you are wealthy enough to commission great paintings or are more of a flea market finder, what you hang on the wall will be a large part of your home or office’s design.

Plus, especially when we’re talking about wall art in the office, it can even have motivational properties, says Forbes. We can all agree that there are days when work is stressful, or the weather has us feeling down. On those days in particular, being surrounded by unique art can have a big impact, and can work to improve the office’s overall culture.

When it comes to adding art to the often-boring workspace, choosing something a little fun and creative can make a big impact. If you’re searching for some options to hang on your wall, look no further than Mark Hall’s caricature services. Whether you’re having a custom caricature made from photos or inviting Hall to draw a caricaturized staff photo, his fun and distinctive art style can add color and whimsy to your office environment. To learn more about commissioning a piece or having Hall visit your office or event, call Caricature Art at 720-312-1220 today.