Why People Are Drawn to Art

Why are we drawn to art? Why does it make us feel a certain way? Art tells a story that can be interpreted in many different ways by different people.  Everyone has a different point of view of the world, and that is why art can create an experience in one image.

Art museum room

Art makes you think about life

In one photo, painting, drawing, or sculpture, you can paint an image of your own life.  The beauty of a piece of art makes you reflect your life at that point in time. The setting of the scene is important as well because it can transport you to that place and create a story. A piece of art can be very emotional. It can make you feel sadness, happiness, anger, empathy, desire, and connection.

It’s a universal language interpreted individually

The artist may have created the art for one purpose, but the viewer may also interpret it differently.  There are no words to describe the story behind it.  If the art lasts long, the artist may reveal the reasons, but usually it’s up to the viewer. For example, a simple painting of a dog could mean so many things for the viewer, especially for someone who’s pet recently passed away.

Caricature Art gives you a laugh

Caricature art is unique in that it is done quickly.  It’s a cartoon-like portrait of a person, which can be very amusing and funny.  People are drawn to this because the piece portrays and exaggerated expression of the subject.  They are fun and unique, and they capture people’s emotions in a different light.

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