Why You Should Turn Your Photos into Caricatures

When you think of a caricature artist, you most likely think of someone drawing an exaggerated portrait of a person sitting in front of them. While this is definitely one of the main services caricature artists like Mark Hall perform, it’s certainly not the only one. In fact, at Mark Hall Caricature Art, we offer a variety of additional services, like caricature art that is based on your real life photographs. But why would you want to see a caricaturized rendition of some of your favorite pictures? We’re here to tell you!

Everyone has at least a handful of photographs that they bring out every few years to look at and share. Whether they are pictures of family members or friends, looking at them is a great way to relive memories and share stories about past event or experiences. But these photos aren’t always as interesting or exciting as we’d like them to be, especially to people who weren’t there to begin with.

My best likeness.

My best likeness.

If you want some of your favorite pictures to stand out a little more and have a unique twist, you should have them redrawn as caricature art. Artists like Mark Hall can enhance the scene with funny thought or word bubbles, and of course hilarious interpretations of everyone in the picture. These drawings will allow you and everyone else to experience your favorite photographs in a new light, and it’s always fun to compare the artwork with the original.

Take some time to dig through your favorite photographs and decide which ones you’d love to see reimagined as caricature art. For more information about our services, contact Mark Hall Caricature Art today!