Strolling and Drawing.

Patrons of Platte River Bar & Grill on South Santa Fe Dr. in Littleton, CO. are blessed with an “Outdoor” deck to enjoy Great food, Drinks, live music and caricatures drawn by “Strolling Caricaturist” Mark Hall. Mark wearing face mask strolls and draws guest who seem to be having a good time. This mood is … Read more »

On location, public demonstration drawing.

July 4th. 2020, Independence Day Celebration kicked off a summer long “Drawing demonstration”. I will be drawing Friday, Saturday and Sunday at “The Platte River Bar & Grill from 5-9pm. July and Aug. These drawings are free to anyone dinning and singing along with the band on the “Open Air Deck”. Social Distancing observed. See… Read more »

Adding Details To Your Facial Expressions

Adding emotions to your art can help your audience better connect with your work. Emotions help bring out the personality of the character you’re creating, and focusing on facial expressions can help you tell a story. Including these details will help give your character an attitude and personality of their own. With the 43 muscles… Read more »

Tips for Making Your Sketches Look Livelier

Making your artwork look detailed and lively can be challenging. As an artist, you want your work to stand out from others and allowing people to connect with it. Whether you’re drawing people or landscapes, there are a few helpful tips to keep in mind that will allow you to create more lively artwork! Add… Read more »

Why Authenticity is Important in Art

Authenticity in art is extremely important to an artist’s integrity and work. It’s 2020 and it seems that there is a boom in artists, photographers, musicians, and entertainers because of the social media development. Social media has allowed artists to become known and recognized, which is a very good thing. But the real question is… Read more »

How Caricature Art Has Helped Catch Criminals

Throughout history, law enforcement has used sketching to help identify and catch criminals with only a description. Some historical records show that caricature art has helped to identify criminals more accurately. The question is why though? Caricature Art is an Exaggeration Caricature art is what it is. It’s a cartoon that an artist creates to… Read more »

How Art Therapy Helps Veterans with PTSD

Often, veterans coming home from their deployment or service time in the military struggle with getting back to their normal lives, whether they have families or not. The toll that being deployed and battling through war and service is extremely difficult on the mental health of veterans. PTSD has become a very delicate thing, and… Read more »

Caricature Art in the Digital World

As an artist, it may be difficult to deal with the digitization of art, but this also could be a good thing for business and getting your art out into the world. For caricature artists like Mark Hall Caricature Art, he is utilizing the digital world to enhance his artistic platform and creativity. Digital Caricatures… Read more »