Frequently Asked Questions about Caricature Art Inc.

Caricatures from Photos:

Q: How long has Caricature Art Inc. been in business?
A: 1982 was the first full year.

Q: How do your prices compare with other Caricaturist?
A: You won’t find a better price / turnaround time and complimentary style of
caricature. Each caricature is created by hand on paper or digitally with Strong
but sensitive line quality.

Q: How can I be sure it’s safe to order online?
A: Orders are payed with credit card through a Secured Quickbooks invoice
followed by a receipt sent to the customer.

Q: How long does it take to get my finished caricature?
A: Digital Caricatures or photos of Marker caricatures are emailed within 5 days of 
 payment. Original Art: Marker / Acrylic color caricatures will arrive within
10 business days of payment.

Q: What kind of Photos should I send?
A: The bigger the faces are, the better. Front on and three quarter views are the
best. If you are scanning them into you computer, scan them at 200% of there
size and at 72 dpi. (dots per inch). You can save them as a hi-res JPEG which
will keep the file size small for emailing.

Q: Can you ship to addresses outside the United States?
A: Yes I can. Contact me with the destination and I will contact you with the
shipping cost.

Party Caricatures:

Q: What are party caricatures?
A: Party caricatures are quick / 2 & one half minute / drawings done of your guest
while I “ Stroll” or sit. I can put up to 8 on one 11X17 sheet of 80lb. cover stock

Q: What kind of events are good for party caricatures?
A: Family reunions, wedding receptions, employee appreciation events, trade
shows, holiday parties, and birthday parties for All ages.

Q: How many caricatures can you draw per hour?
A: 25-30 Black n White, heads only.

Q: Where do you travel?
A: Denver Metro Area and boulder without travel charge. I travel beyond these
areas with travel compensation billed into the invoice.

A: How much does it cost?
Q: Hourly rates are $85-$120. Rate quotes are based on week day verses
weekend bookings, seasons, and time of day.

Q: Are color caricatures available?
A: Yes. Spot or Accent color is done with wide markers. Adds 1 minute to drawing
time per person.

Have more questions? Please contact me, I love questions and feedback!