Caricature Events & Parties

We know that you already have a few ideas regarding how to make your next event a hit, but we’re here to add one more: hiring caricature artist Mark Hall. When you have a caricature artist at your event or party, you instantly create a fun atmosphere by giving your guests a creative and unique activity to participate in. Not only does Mark Hall have the experience and passion needed to create amazing caricature art, but he knows how to have fun and interact with guests, ensuring there will be a line of people waiting for their turn to be drawn.

When it comes to finding a skilled party caricature artist, Colorado residents can take advantage of everything we have to offer at Mark Hall Caricature Art Inc. Whether you’re throwing a wedding, hosting a family reunion, or even planning a corporate retreat, Mark can attend any type of event throughout Aurora, Colorado and the surrounding areas. These are just a few of the ways that Mark can enhance your event:

Wedding Ideas Mark can hand out quick couple or family caricatures while your guests visit. You can even have your guests sign the border of an 18X24 Color Bride & Groom poster, and Mark can create a similar poster of the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Trade Shows Having “Digital Caricaturist” Mark V. Hall ( complete with printer and monitor ) at your booth will draw people to your area and keep them there longer! While they wait for their complimentary caricature, you can talk to them about your product or service.

Company Parties and Picnics – a caricaturist will entertain and delight, giving them something they can take home with them to remind them of what a wonderful time they had.

Invites add extra pizazz to an event or party invitation!

If you would like to learn more about what Mark can do for your next event, give us a call today or contact Mark here!

We guarantee smiles and the best caricatures in town Drawn while ” Strolling or Sitting”. 
Here are some examples of how Caricatures can work for you.