Pricing & Information

Event Party Caricatures / Black Marker on paper: 27-30 people per hour. Hourly Rates: $120.  

Event Party Digital Caricatures / iPad (Full color heads): 12 people per hour.

ELITE Event PACKAGE $225 per hour : 

Black n White or Full color iPad Digital Caricatures, Large 24″ display screen, Branding on every drawing, Free 4X6 color printing, Same-day digital downloads, Instant downloads, Sleeves and lanyards.

DELUXE Event PACKAGE $200 per hour :

Black n White or Full color Digital Caricatures, Large 24″display screen, Branding on every drawing, Free 4X6 color printing, Same-day digital downloads.

CLASSIC Event PACKAGE $120.00 per hour :

Traditional black marker caricatures, 27-30 faces per hour while “Strolling or Sitting”, Free black and white logo printing.

Call: 720-312-1220  email:

Interested in having your caricature without an event? You can purchase one off and individual caricatures online by uploading a photo here. These start at $35 for a single black and white face image. You will need to create an account in order online. Couples start at $40 and team and group caricatures online start at $75.

If you have questions about what my packages offer call or contact me. Book an appointment for in person events such as birthday parties and weddings. Together we will create your personal caricature event package.

When you are getting a caricature done without leaving your home or holding an event feel free to email or contact me here.

At Mark Hall Caricature Art Inc., we offer a wide range of services and pricing options in order to suit the varied needs of our valued customers. Whether you want Mark to stop by your party for an hour or attend an all-day event, we can work with you to provide the exact type of caricature services you want. We proudly serve most Colorado metropolitan areas, and Mark can attend birthdays, weddings, reunions, and just about any other type of event.

Below you will find pricing information for our services, as well as details about our caricature prints for sale in Colorado. When you hire Mark for your event, we are happy to provide free clear bags to protect the drawings, and we always give you our satisfaction guarantee. You will be happy to know that Mark can draw dozens of people per hour, so you don’t have to worry about any of your guests being left out.

If you have any questions about hiring a caricature artist or about our pricing in general, contact Mark Hall Caricature Art Inc. today!

SERVES :   Colorado  metropolitan areas ( hourly minimums)

• Aurora (1)
• Boulder (2)
• Castle Rock (2)
• Colo. Springs (3)
• Denver (1)
• Ft.Collins (3)
• Pueblo (4)
• The ” Strolling  or Sitting ” caricaturist.

hourly rate: Call: 720-312-1220  email:

25-30 people per hour ,black & white, heads only.
20-25 people per hour, black & white, with bodies.
17-20 people per hour, spot color , heads only.
8-12 people per hour, spot color, with bodies.

MEDIA: Black Marker on 80lb cover stock. Spot color: Wide Marker.
REQUIRE:  none when “Strolling”. 2 chairs when sitting.

GROUPS: Up to 8 heads on one 11×17 sheet.

FREE: Clear bags to protect drawings and tubes for large drawings. Pre-printed logo and/or event information & custom background; (extracharge)-requires prior arrangement.)  Credit Card payment is made through a Quickbooks Invoice sent to your inbox.

Caricatures from Photos: Acrylic Color or Digital Art.

Satifaction Guaranteed – When ordering, please include 3 digital photos, a bio. / up to 3 themes and /or  items and the size you would like. Artwork is completed one week from when I receive payment per invoice.

Artwork completed and delivered 1 week from receiving payment. Free Mailing.


ORDER NOW:   call: 720-312-1220  email:

Credit Cards accepted online through Quickbooks Invoice.