Celebrity Caricatures

A gallery of celebrity caricatures drawn by Mark Hall

Alex Jlo


Snoop Dogg

BlackPanther Chadwick Boseman.

bill maher trump caricature drawing

Bill Maher & Donald Trump

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

Daniel Craig Caricature 007

007 Daniel Craig Caricature

Donald Trump Finger Pointing Caricature

Donald Trump

Stephen Colbert Caricature

Stephen Colbert

oprah winfrey caricature

Oprah Winfrey

Forbes Julia Stewart Caricature

Magazine Cover. Julia Stewart

Walter Cronkite Caricature

Walter Cronkite. ” And thats the way it is”

Justin Bieber Caricature

Justin Bieber

Jimmy Fallon Caricature

Jimmy Fallon

Stephen King Caricature

Stephen King

ellen degeneres caricature

Ellen Degeneres

Caricature of Adrien Brody and Selena Gomez

Adrien Brody and Selena Gomez