Caricature Artist at Weddings & Parties

Caricatures From Photos & Group Caricatures

When it comes to personalized caricatures and caricature gifts in Colorado, you can count on Mark Hall to create and deliver fun, memorable, and high-quality artwork. At Mark Hall Caricature Art Inc., we offer a wide range of services in order to suit the needs of our clients. Mark can attend your next birthday party, wedding, corporate retreat, or any other type of event and draw caricatures of you and your guests. And while that’s the main service we provide, that’s certainly not all that Mark can do.

As a professional artist who has been drawing since he was a child, Mark has the experience and skills needed to create a variety of unique illustrations. In fact, Mark can create caricatures from any of your existing photographs, draw group caricatures, and even transform you and your friends by incorporating a fun theme. He is an artist in many forms and a master at what he does.  Let Mark bring his knowledge and skillset to your party to make for an even more memorable event.

Mark works out of Aurora, Colorado, but he extends his caricature services to the surrounding metropolitan areas.  Whether you want him to draw you in person or work from a photo, Mark can quickly produce works of art that are both visually stunning and hilarious.

Browse our website to learn more about each of the services we offer at Mark Hall Caricature Art Inc., and contact us today for a caricature artist for hire.

The people who draw caricatures are a special breed of artists. Mark is a man who can make someone laugh with a drawing just as moving as a piece of art in a museum. Take a look through the site to see Marks work, order by email:  or call: 720-312-1220 to book him today!