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Tips for Making Your Sketches Look Livelier

Make your Sketches Look More Lively

Making your artwork look detailed and lively can be challenging. As an artist, you want your work to stand out from others and allowing people to connect with it. Whether you’re drawing people or landscapes, there are a few helpful tips to keep in mind that will allow you to create more lively artwork! Add… Read more »

Why Authenticity is Important in Art

authentic artist

Authenticity in art is extremely important to an artist’s integrity and work. It’s 2020 and it seems that there is a boom in artists, photographers, musicians, and entertainers because of the social media development. Social media has allowed artists to become known and recognized, which is a very good thing. But the real question is… Read more »

How Caricature Art Has Helped Catch Criminals

caricature art office

Throughout history, law enforcement has used sketching to help identify and catch criminals with only a description. Some historical records show that caricature art has helped to identify criminals more accurately. The question is why though? Caricature Art is an Exaggeration Caricature art is what it is. It’s a cartoon that an artist creates to… Read more »

How Art Therapy Helps Veterans with PTSD

veteran dealing with PTSD carrying daughter

Often, veterans coming home from their deployment or service time in the military struggle with getting back to their normal lives, whether they have families or not. The toll that being deployed and battling through war and service is extremely difficult on the mental health of veterans. PTSD has become a very delicate thing, and… Read more »

Caricature Art in the Digital World

digital drawing

As an artist, it may be difficult to deal with the digitization of art, but this also could be a good thing for business and getting your art out into the world. For caricature artists like Mark Hall Caricature Art, he is utilizing the digital world to enhance his artistic platform and creativity. Digital Caricatures… Read more »

Tips on Improving Your Drawing Skills

woman in art class drawing

When it comes to improving your skills on a particular art, it’s pretty obvious that it takes a good amount of consistent practice. You have to have discipline in order to get better.  Practicing once a week is not enough to improve your skills. Especially with drawing and art, it takes everyday practice to get… Read more »

Hire a Caricature Artist for Your Wedding

wedding reception with caricature artist

Many people these days are trying to shake up their wedding receptions by making them fun and unique for the guests. Photo booths and costumes are very popular these days for the guests to make their own memories and dress in a ridiculous way. What if instead, you hired a professional caricature artist? The Benefits… Read more »

Tips on Becoming a Caricature Artist

woman drawing caricature art

Becoming a caricature artist can be a daunting task if you haven’t had much experience with caricature art, but that shouldn’t discourage you from going after it. Caricature art is very unique in that it portrays a cartoon-like version of the person you draw. It’s funny, entertaining, and everyone seems to enjoy getting their caricature… Read more »

Why it’s Important to Be Proud of Your Art

man and daughter at an art exhibit looking at prices

Many talented artists that may be so-called “up and coming” have a difficult time owning their talents and skills in whatever art form they are composing. There is a judgment sometimes with people viewing art who aren’t artists.  They think that the price of the painting or photograph may be too expensive.  Don’t let people… Read more »

Why People Are Drawn to Art

Art museum room

Why are we drawn to art? Why does it make us feel a certain way? Art tells a story that can be interpreted in many different ways by different people.  Everyone has a different point of view of the world, and that is why art can create an experience in one image. Art makes you… Read more »