Caricature is Always an Art

Whether from the mouth or mind of a famous author like George Orwell, or the hand of a cartoonist in a Newspaper, Caricature is always an art, and a hard one to do well at that. And that is both from a literal standpoint, as well as looking at art from a figurative standpoint. It… Read more »

The Compliment in Caricature

Many people have often come to think of caricature as either a fun joke that you can get done at Disneyland or some comic insulting a politician. And that’s even if someone didn’t have a bad experience with a caricature artist exaggerating something that was sensitive to that person, which does happen on occasion. It… Read more »

Caricature is a Cure for the Selfie

In this editorial in the Contra Costa Times, Angela Hill writes, “Caricatures should replace the ubiquitous selfies in today’s society. They’re far more creative and personal.” What a statement! It’s almost like a creative call to arms against the all-consuming Selfie Empire, a declaration of war by soul-stirring, truth-seeking artists. Well, maybe it’s not that… Read more »

Caricature is Alive and Well Across the World

Here in the United States, caricature art always faces a tough time when trying to gain the same kind of respect afforded to other forms of art. Caricature may indeed be more popular and seemingly common than Expressionism or other artistic movements. However, art events and exhibits from across the globe paint a very different… Read more »

Caricature on Broadway

The art form of caricature is one that pays great respect to many other types of art enjoyed by audiences in our contemporary world. Here at the Mark Hall Caricature Art blog, we’ve discussed places like Sardi’s where caricature art isn’t just displayed, it’s a central part of the design and serves as an homage… Read more »

Bitstrips – What Are They?

The big news in the comic/caricature world right now is Bitstrips. Bitstrips are the product of an app that have slowly been taking over social media sites with particular attention being paid to Facebook. These are either one shot comics or storyboarded comics created by any user who has the Bitstrip app and a facebook… Read more »

The Caricaturist versus the Smartphone

Most of us are very familiar with the early slogan of the smartphone age, that for just about any conceivable problem or want, “There’s an app for that.” Now, the smartphone world can even claim that there’s an app for caricature with a fun new photography program that creates cartoon images of users.   Available… Read more »

Caricature Can Help Those Suffering From Mental and Physical Ailments

Many people look at caricature art, with its silly expressionism and over-exaggerated subjects, as primarily a source of humor. However, as many people know and swear by, humor is often the best medicine for those suffering from a variety of mental and physical ailments. It’s not that big a leap to figure, then, that caricature… Read more »

Caricature is Humor, Therapy and Protest Rolled into One

Is caricature art rising in popularity? It seems so, as many caricaturists are featured prominently in newspapers all over the world. This isn’t a coincidence. Political unrest is rampant on every continent. The global economy is in, to put it mildly, tatters. Unemployment rates are awful. Young people are rioting. Pensions aren’t being honored. There… Read more »