The Caricaturist versus the Smartphone

Most of us are very familiar with the early slogan of the smartphone age, that for just about any conceivable problem or want, “There’s an app for that.” Now, the smartphone world can even claim that there’s an app for caricature with a fun new photography program that creates cartoon images of users.   Available… Read more »

Caricature Can Help Those Suffering From Mental and Physical Ailments

Many people look at caricature art, with its silly expressionism and over-exaggerated subjects, as primarily a source of humor. However, as many people know and swear by, humor is often the best medicine for those suffering from a variety of mental and physical ailments. It’s not that big a leap to figure, then, that caricature… Read more »

Caricature is Humor, Therapy and Protest Rolled into One

Is caricature art rising in popularity? It seems so, as many caricaturists are featured prominently in newspapers all over the world. This isn’t a coincidence. Political unrest is rampant on every continent. The global economy is in, to put it mildly, tatters. Unemployment rates are awful. Young people are rioting. Pensions aren’t being honored. There… Read more »

A Caricaturist is a Truth Seeker

A boring party You’re at a company picnic and hanging out on the sidelines. You never look forward to company get-togethers. Everyone usually just flocks around the boss. It’s not necessarily about employee bonding or having a good time; it’s just another attempt to climb up that office ladder. You must have a scowl on… Read more »


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