Category: Caricature Art in Colorado

Public Appearance

High time Caricatures on 4/20/18 at the Coffee Joint in Denver, CO.

Public Appearance

Sister Cities / Brest, France -Denver, Colorado  Collab Saison Tapping Event. March 30th. 2018.  Free Caricatures 5:30-8:30pm.

Public Appearance

Get your Free family caricature in Monument, Colorado on June 2nd. from 11-1pm. by Mark Hall while enjoying the “Summer Kick-off” event. 2 minutes per person. See you then. Thanks.  

Value of Art Around the Home or Office

Take a look around your living room or your office. Are there any pieces of art hanging on the walls? Whether you’re looking at framed photos of loved ones, or a generic floral design that you picked up at the discount store last week, you’ve probably got art in one form or another around you…. Read more »

Capture Your Team’s Spirit in Caricature

Right around this time of year is when winter sports start to come to an end and spring sports start to prepare for the season ahead. This year, commemorate your winter or spring sports team with a caricature from Mark Hall Caricature Art. No matter what season it is, kids will put their heart and… Read more »

Capture Spring Break Through Caricature Art

As your family of six piles excitedly into the minivan, ready to take off on your much-anticipated spring break vacation, you double check to make sure you packed your camera. With family time so rare in our always-on-the-go world, you hope to capture every precious moment you can before these trips become simply a memory…. Read more »

A New Year, A New Look – With Caricature!

No matter what kind of event or party you’re throwing, you always want to make it special. In the new year, do just that with Caricature Art and artist Mark Hall’s on-site services! New Business When opening a brand-new business, you want to make sure people you pull in as many people as you can… Read more »

Give the Gift of a Romantic Caricature

Romantic Caricature

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and you know what that means: the malls and florists will be full of people picking out impersonal presents to give to their loved ones. But why give your sweetheart a boring gift when you can get your special someone a truly unique present that reminds them how much you… Read more »

Make Your Booth the Place to Be at Your Next Trade Show

Caricature art is a great way to capture the memory of a certain time in your life. Whether you are walking along the boardwalk with your significant other or visiting a new city, having a caricature done is always a unique and fun activity. It is often thought of something that is only offered in… Read more »

‘Tis the Season for Engagements

Please Say Yes.

‘Tis the season to spend time with family and friends and during the holidays, it’s common for some of our closest family members and friends to pop the big question to their significant other! What’s better than professing your love for your partner by asking them to spend forever with you during this special holiday… Read more »